Max VanderBroek

Growing up on the shores of Lake Michigan, Max VanderBroek was always awed by the sight of a setting sun.  Every night the music of crashing waves lulled him to sleep. Each day the infinity of an ecosystem found between grains of sand left him boggled.  At an early age, Nature absconded with his ever curious mind and his heart.  Years later, Max earned a B.A. Creative Writing from Warren Wilson College in the timber-tufted hills of Asheville, NC.   There he found himself surrounded by music and weirdos and wilderness.  The shoe fit.  He took a job with an arborist and spent several years developing an obsession with trees and a love of labor.  And he met a girl with long blonde hair, allowing his heart to be absconded with once more.  In Spring of 2016 they moved to Kingston Springs, TN with their dog Sprout to live, learn from nature, and work on her family farm.  Today he's awed by the evolution of seed to flower.  Every night the quiet of the countryside lulls him to sleep.  Each day the infinity of an ecosystem found within rows of tillage leaves him boggled.  The shoe fits, and it's laced up for the journey forth.