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Howdy friends! With spring around the corner, we're busy gearing up for our fourth season and working hard to bring about some exciting growth here on the farm.  Because our community is our lifeblood, we strive to be as connected to you as we are to our land.  Community Supported Agriculture is a great way for us to get to know who you are. It also allows for you to play a meaningful role in the growth of Harpeth Moon Farm and connect to your food on its journey from the dirt to your dinner table. This program is essential to living the small farm dream and we are glad to grow beside you! 

If you're interested, please be absolutely sure you've read and understand everything on this page (including Good Faith Clause at bottom of page) in order to determine that our CSA is right for you.  Also please visit our website to familiarize yourself with the vegetables and flowers that we grow.

 So, here's how it works.  We will have two options for CSA members, Box (limited membership availability) and Bucks.

BOX (Limited Membership):

  • Price-$500 to be paid in full by March 1. (Please let us know if you need a payment plan!)

  • 1 size share available. One box will include 8 to 12 items per week at a $25- $30 value. Members may buy multiple shares if more food is desired. We will not offer product substitutions for box shares.

  • CSA Box membership includes 20 weekly shares over the course of 22 weeks. (This means that there will be two individual weeks when members will not receive a box. These weeks will be announced with plenty of advanced notice, and allow us to take necessary time to prep our fields while also giving members a chance to clean out their refrigerators.)

  • CSA begins the week of May 13, 2019 and ends the week of October 7, 2019.

  • First priority on early harvest items, specialty items that are otherwise unadvertised and/or limited, weekly updates and recipes, and access to CSA member events (ie. Solstice Flower Float, Potlucks, and other farm events.)

  • Receive 10% off additional farmer's market purchases for one calendar year.

  • Pick-up locations currently include our farmer’s markets: Richland Park and Kingston Springs both on Saturday, East Nashville on Wednesday.

  • Members are strongly encouraged to attend CSA Member meet and greet at Harpeth Moon Farm before CSA begins. (Dates to be announced soon). We encourage this because we find it crucial to the process of getting to know our members. It also allows you, as a member, to fully know your farmers, our mission, and the farm and food you're helping to grow.

  • Please give at least 24 hour notice if you (or a friend) will be unable to pick up your box- A lot of time and care goes into making your boxes perfect. If no prior arrangements were made, all boxes left at the end of market will be donated to a family in need/the ARK.

Bucks (Renewable at any time, No Sign-up Deadline, 10% off purchases)

  • CSA Bucks Members are folks who want to support HMF as part of a CSA but simply don't need enough food to require a typical CSA Box share, or who prefer to pick out their own mix of veggies/herbs/flowers. Whether you're a musician who travels, or a single person who loves to cook with local Organic vegetables, this may be the best option for you.

  • With NO MINIMUM members can decide how much they would like to pay in advance. In return, members receive a Bucks Membership swipe card to be used at the farmers market. Members can decide how much credit they want to use, whenever they want to use it. By swiping the card, all purchases will be deducted from the outstanding balance.

  • May re-subscribe as many times as desired, whenever desired.

  • Receive 10% off farmer's market purchases with every purchase on the card.




*Good Faith Clause:  Because many things are out of our control, particularly weather, certain loss of crops on the farm cannot be planned for.  It is with that understanding that our members join in good faith that Harpeth Moon Farm will work as hard as possible to provide full and continued satisfaction, and that we regard your investment, support, and good faith with the utmost respect and appreciation. 

TO Sign up for 2019 CSA:  Fill out form below. Please leave your full name, contact information, Bucks or Box program, ideal pick up location, and any questions you may have. Thanks, we couldn't do it without you!



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