Crow Mountain

It's a long story how this farm fell in our lap. We didn't know until we first set foot on it that is was located exactly across the river from Mule Bottom. The 40 acre former cattle farm with its rolling hills and high bluff sitting majestically overlooking the same stretch of the Harpeth River that we had fallen in love with several years before working its sister bottom. Having laid fallow for quite a few years, it was allowed to spring forth many welcomed wild flowers, honeysuckle and blackberry. The Tennessee state flower, the Passion Flower, as well as Milkweed, Ironweed, Queen Anne's Lace and many other native flowers flourish in the hillsides and bring a beauty that only a diverse established ecosystem can bring forth. We don't want to tame and conquer this ground but come alongside it and give her the love she deserves. A small pond adds to the beauty and a friend to wildlife between the hills.

Pack Spring meanders through the farm with wild iris and butterfly bushes. We have planted over a hundred elderberries and await its fruit some days for its healing qualities and flavor. We have put in the ground many varieties of vegetables and flowers started with love in our new greenhouse in a hilltop we plowed, disked, and tilled and are ready to sell. We look forward to meeting new friends at our stand at the farm which is nestled between Highway 70 in the front and the Harpeth River in the rear. The river bottom on this side gives us a place to relax and chill after many hours put in the field. We have visions of musical gatherings,weddings and recreational activities as well as amazing cut flowers and produce grown the right way. Our roots are beginning to dig deep in these farms and this community of Kingston Springs. We can't wait to share the spirit and the harvests with all of you.