Full heart farming

This morning my legs were heavy from the weight of the mud on my boots, my back ached from the constant contorting that transplanting entails, my body shivered from the drenched clothes I was wearing, but let me tell you my heart was full. As full as a heart can be without bursting into pieces. I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time and I was alone. This was raw. No person or thing made me feel this way, I just did. This is simple living and from simple living comes pure ...emotion. An emotion that doesn't have baggage or need an explanation or apology or have some type of underlying meaning. It was pure. I was happy no matter the discomfort, no matter the weather, no matter if my plants lived or died. Pure, untouched happiness that I don't take credit for. I will constantly remind myself of this when I am feeling down and I will spend the rest of my life craving this emotion (though it's always within reach I'm sure, I just have to be open to it.) Now, that's when you know what you are doing is real and I hope everyone has the chance to experience something like it at some point. Do what you love and love what you do no matter what. You owe yourself that, if only for a moment.