Your box this week contains:

  • Zucchini
  • Small head of cabbage
  • assorted cucumbers
  • fresh garlic
  • fresh sage
  • red romaine head lettuce
  • fresh onions
  • fennel
  • lemon basil
  • lacinato kale
  • little bundle of flowers

Forgive us for repeating some items- this week the deer got into a lot of special items we had planted just for yall. But, hey! That's how it goes sometimes! The broccoli was almost ready, the tomatoes are thinking about turning red, and the cucumbers just put on their first fruit. 

Fresh garlic- this is a softneck variety, meaning it does not produce a scape like the hardneck varieties we grow. This is not cured (dried) so it is wetter than the garlic you are used to from the store. That being said, it will not store well so be sure to use it this week or the next. The cloves have barely formed and you will notice what usually peels like paper (because it's dry) seems to be a part of the whole bulb. You can cut into this garlic and use like you would any garlic product. 

Sage- We are so glad that we introduced many herbs to the farm this year. We planted a small herb garden and look forward to sharing them all with you. You can use this fresh or hang upside down to dry so you can use it through out the year.

Lemon basil- We love this variety! Very lemony- it can be used with fish or chicken or to brighten up any dish. As always we suggest to keep your basil in water on the counter (like you would a bouquet)

I happened upon this recipe for fennel, sage, and lemon (hello lemon basil!). I have not made it yet so let us know if you do! I'm sure you could make it less complicated if you were in a crunch. 

Please remember to bring your boxes back! We are running low on boxes and always reuse them if they are in good condition! 

Hope yall have been enjoying this lovely weather! We sure have!


csa week 4.jpg