Nestled between historic highway 70 and the Harpeth River in Kingston Springs, TN, Harpeth Moon Farm strives for environmental and community sustainability. From the early Native Americans who settled here centuries ago, to us today, this land has a rich history of putting food on people‚Äôs tables. Father and daughter Bruce and Hayley Roberts believe in promoting a balanced ecosystem and giving back to the land that continues to give so much in return.         

 As we establish our new flower and produce farm, the Roberts family believes that being rooted in community means putting down literal roots. And in a community where music runs deep, we strive for true harmony with the land. This means tuning in to the waxing and waning of the moon, the whisper of the Harpeth River, and the laughter of our neighbors. We are stewards.

In an effort to bring truly sustainable produce to the tables of greater Nashville, we hope to give back to the earth by promoting pollinator habitat, rebuilding the soil, rotating crops, and planting non-gmo products. We provide stunning flowers, delicious produce, and a wonderful event space.